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Genius Objects is a French company created in 2016, expert in smart-textile and connected objects. After 5 years of development and 8 patents, our technology is currently integrated in several leather goods and luggage products. We are now launching our own consumer brand POZZZ to bring back serenity to families!

POZZZ is a connected educational pouch that helps families manage their screen time. POZZZ is equipped with an internationally patented zip sensor linked to an application. This zip allows to know when the pouch is opened or closed: bedtime is not negotiable, POZZZ warns parents if it is opened at night. With POZZZ, encourage and reward your children for the time spent away from screens!

Define sleep times (from 9pm to 7am for example), every night your child will receive a notification when it's time to put his or her phone away in the POZZZ. If he or she does not open the pouch before 7am and has a good night's sleep, he or she earns points. If, on the other hand, the pouch is opened to check his or her phone, the parents receive a notification and the points are lost.

The use of POZZZ and its application is entirely free: no additional costs, no subscription required.

POZZZ works through a single application that offers both parent and child access.

Parental controls are essential to protect children from inappropriate content, but are only marginally effective in dealing with their addiction to screens. POZZZ is an educational tool that allows your children to become more responsible in managing their screen time and develop healthy habits with their phone. Parents and children define rules and objectives together, and then it is up to the child to regulate his or her own screen consumption.

The POZZZ zip is an internationally patented intelligent textile sensor. This unique technology is able to detect whether the POZZZ is open or closed. The information is then transmitted to the POZZ application via a Bluetooth connection.

Thanks to its patented zip equipped with a sensor, POZZ is able to know when the pouch is opened or closed. It records on its mobile application the time spent without a phone, detects the presence of the device in the POZZZ and whether it is locked. This way, you, the parent, are notified if your child does not respect the POZZZ, especially at night. 

POZZZ is an individual pouch. In order to work, the pouch needs to be connected to your child's phone (only 1 connection possible). So you need as many POZZs as there are children involved. This also allows you to take advantage of the family challenge system which encourages everyone to disconnect.

Today, POZZZ is only compatible with smartphones but we are planning a version 2 for tablets and game consoles.

Yes, each family is unique, you can define with your child: his objectives (times without screen, number of POZZZ to do in the day), the time at which he must put his phone away at night (to activate the night mode), and a reward when his objectives are reached! The important thing is to decide with him, to set a framework and to make him responsible!

Consistency is the key! Do POZZZ, accumulate screen time and you will see your progress bar fill up little by little until you reach the next level. Every 15 minutes without a phone gives you points, beyond that, every minute is rewarded. Additional POZZZ also give new points and daily use multiplies the rewards. There are also special trophies to collect, which you can get by achieving certain goals! Parents can offer a gift or a family activity for children who use POZZZ regularly and have reached their goals.

Coinzzz are the POZZ credits that allow you to unlock your rewards. You earn them by: doing at least one POZZZ per day, by completing your objectives every day, by surpassing your objectives, when you level up, when you do a "Perfect week" i.e. you complete all your objectives over the 7 days of the week.

If you use the app in Parent/Child mode, the parent sets the child's rewards directly from their app and the child's shop tab. If you use the app for yourself, you set your own rewards directly from the Shop tab of your app.

Children receive notifications when they have completed a POZZZ, to report on their progress through the levels, or when they unlock a new trophy. POZZZ also reminds your child every night to put their phone away for the night, and night time is non-negotiable, so if they break the rules parents are notified.

POZZZ is connected to the child's locked phone and detects its presence to count the points. If the phone is removed from the pouch or unlocked, the POZZZ stops.

POZZZ is equipped with a cable entry so that you can fill up the battery during POZZZ!

Yes, for the moment the Jean version is available with yellow, blue, orange, pink and khaki ribbon.

POZZZ measures 22cmx15cm and fits perfectly in a backpack. This format is suitable for all smartphones.

POZZZ is equipped with an electronic device which is guaranteed for 2 years. POZZZ is not waterproof: do not immerse it in liquids as this could damage the electronic board. Clean with a damp cloth if necessary. Do not use in extremely hot or cold environments.

POZZZ is guaranteed for 2 years.

Your POZZ will be delivered within 3 to 5 days.

POZZZ delivers everywhere in Europe. For any other country outside Europe, please send us an email to !

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POZZZ is suitable for all ages and is the best companion for your child's first smartphone. But we think the whole family should be doing POZZZ!

No, you too as parents can use the POZZZ to encourage you to take advantage of disconnecting moments.

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